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Thank you for your purchase of the Phoenix Touch 1080p Digital Light Projector (DLP) 3D Printer by FSL3D. The versatility of the Phoenix Touch makes it an ideal solution for manufacturers and hobbyists focused on detailed, small footprint prototyping and production. Since the entire 2D field is exposed at once, DLP technology enables much faster print times without sacrificing quality. The XY pixel resolution is a sharp 50um with a build volume of 96mm x 54 mm x 100mm (3.78" x 2.13" x 3.94"). The self leveling print head coupled with the patent pending SuperVAT™ technology promotes ease of set-up and increases the printer's flexibility and accuracy throughout the print cycle. The Phoenix Touch also includes a USB port for standalone use and may be networked with an Ethernet or optional WiFi connection. It is our wish that this product adds value to your business or hobby activities for years to come. Please take the time to read this manual in its entirety to safely use your device to its full potential. For more information and product selection, please visit FSL3D.


Part 1 - Safety

Part 2 - Getting Started

Part 3 - Using the RetinaCreate Software to Print

Part 4 - After Printing

Part 5 - Touch Screen Interface

Part 6 - Maintenance


A: Supported WiFi Adapters

B: Technical Specifications

C: Troubleshooting

D: Material Safety Data

E: Warranty Statement and Warranty Information

F: Phoenix 1080p Projector Settings