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FSL3D warranties the Pegasus Touch 3D Laser Printer for a base period of 90 days. Extended warranty periods are available at the time of purchase.

Covered Parts

To ensure a safe working environment, it is necessary to treat the printer and accessories with care. Please carefully read all instructions before attempting to operate your 3D printer.

Not Covered Consumable Parts

The following list of parts are considered consumable and are not covered under any warranty and may need to be replaced periodically.


Once cured, resin cannot be reused. However, uncured liquid resin can be reused for the next pr int. Do not return used resin to the original bot tle to avoid contamination. Always store unused resin in a dark cabinet or bottle. Unopened unused resin carries a one year warranty and will be replaced free of charge if it cures in the bottle without light exposure (excludes shipping/handling charges).

VATs / Build Tray

Experience shows that after the use of 2-4 liters of resin, the anti-stick surface of the VAT may be consumed and that the VAT will need to be replaced. The anti-stick layer of the tray may also begin to cloud after many prints. To limit this and to extend the life of the tray, vary the printing location. You may purchase replacement VATs from FSL3D.

Build Platform

Constant removing parts from the build platform will eventually wear down the aluminum surface. Experience shows it to last at least 10 liters or more of printing. You may want to consider spare build platforms if you print / change resin frequently. Spares platforms will allow to begin a new print immediately after the previous print.

45 Degree First Surface Mirror

This mirror should never wear out, but if resin drips on it then the mirror will likely need to be replaced unless cleaned immediately with First Contact Polymer Solution.

Excluded Events

The warranty is valid only for normal use and excludes Acts of God, user error and use outside of normal parameters.

Parts exposed to spilled resin are considered user error and are not covered under warranty. Best practices to minimize resin exposure include:

  • Always ensure that the printing surface is level as the resin may spill while printing.
  • Never fill the VAT with resin past the fill line.
  • Always use a 9"x14" cutting board over the VAT whenever removing the build platform to prevent spills.
  • Always remove the build platform before removing the VAT to prevent resin from falling into the internal portion of the machine.

Return Policy

For products purchased directly from FSL3D within the first 30 days and if the 3D Printer has been opened, one may return the machine subject to a 20% restocking fee plus shipping fees. This 20% fee results from the need to replenish or replace consumable items. If the 3D printer is returned new, unopened or if the order is cancelled, then only a 5% restocking fee and shipping fees (if any) are applied. Consumable items, e.g. the build plate, VAT or resin, may not be returned if opened. If returned unopened, then only a 5% restocking fee and shipping fess are applied.

For products purchased from 3rd Party Distributors or Resellers, please review the 3rd Party Distributor / Reseller return policy.

Shipping Expenses

Within the first 30 days, FSL3D will replace or repair any defective parts free of charge and pay for ground shipping of parts if one paid FSL3D for shipping on the original order. Overnight shipping is also available but for an additional charge. If the 3D Printer was picked up in person or delivered through third party shipping methods, FSL3D considers the parts sold FOB from the FSL3D warehouse. As a result, the customer must arrange for shipping or pickup of replacement parts, since FSL3D did not make the original shipping arrangements.

After the first 30 days, FSL3D will replace or repair any defects within the warranty period free of charge. However, all shipping charges to and from FSL3D are the responsibility of the customer. The warranty includes parts and labor only. Shipping of defective and replacement components to / from FSL3D is excluded by the warranty. The customer may arrange their own shipping or drop parts off for exchange at the FSL3D warehouse free of charge. Typically FSL3D has most replacement parts on hand for immediate shipment of parts under warranty.

Advance Replacement Policy

Within the first 30 days, FSL3D will advance replace any failed parts free of charge.

After the first 30 days, unless otherwise authorized, all defective parts must be returned to FSL3D postage paid for evaluation before replacements are issued. FSL3D's warranty policy is to repair parts whenever possible and replacing them only if they are not able to be repaired. As a result, all warranty parts must be returned first to determine if the parts can be repaired.

Accuracy and Tolerance Statement

FSL3D makes no specific accuracy or tolerance guarantees, but machines are designed with full end user calibration / adjustment. Users may self calibrate their machines to fine tune accuracy requirements. For details contact FSL3D Technical Support.

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