I: Pegasus Touch SuperVAT Upgrade Instructions

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Figure 1 - SuperVAT

Unpack the SuperVAT assembly for the Pegasus Touch from the shipping container. The components for the SuperVAT assembly include the metal Vat Tray with an attached acrylic window, the SuperVAT Liner and two M4 retaining hex screws. If any of the items are missing from the shipment, please contact FSL3D Technical Support for immediate assistance.

Your SuperVAT may ship with a protective adhesive sticker attached to the acrylic window. Before loading the SuperVAT Liner into the Vat Tray, make sure to remove this protective adhesive sticker. Failure to remove the protective adhesive sticker will result in faulty prints. Once the adhesive is removed, the metal Vat Tray will now be ready for the attachment of the SuperVAT Liner.

The SuperVAT liner may have some spotting caused by condensation during transport or from the manufacturing process. The liner may be cleaned with paper towels. DO NOT use isopropyl alcohol as this may cause damage to the liner. Some fine scratches are normal and will not affect operation. Please note that the same Vat Tray may be used with multiple SuperVAT Liners containing different resin mixtures and colors. This makes it easier to store and dispose of resins as well as to facilitate the replacement of worn or unusable SuperVAT Liners. Also, one may choose to keep resins in multiple SuperVATs. SuperVAT Liners eventually will warp from repeated pulling and will need to be replaced (estimated >100,000 layers). Should the resin in the liner become difficult to remove with paper towels, replace the SuperVAT liner with a new liner since the use of isopropyl alcohol to remove excess resin may cause damage to the liner.

Next, attach the SuperVAT Liner to the Vat Tray utilizing the two M4 retaining screws through the center holes in the SuperVAT Liner. If the hex screws are too loose, then the SuperVAT Liner may move horizontally which may result in a faulty print. Also, please be aware that the bottom of the SuperVAT Liner should sit flush on top of the acrylic.

Locking the Pegasus Touch Tilt Hinge

Figure 2 - Metal Binder Clip Application
Metal Binder Clip.jpg

The Pegasus Touch uses a passive hinge to tilt the PDMS tray. However, the SuperVAT does not need to be tilted, so make sure that the hinged Vat frame is properly secured to prevent tilting. To do this, place two metal binder clips to the front of the hinged Vat frame in the location where the shipping screws were removed during initial setup. Be sure that the metal binder clips do not interfere with the loading and unloading of the SuperVAT.

Load the SuperVAT into the Pegasus Touch utilizing the same process as with the traditional vat. To load the SuperVAT into the Pegasus Touch correctly, make sure that the side of the Vat Tray with the recessed portion or “notch” is inserted to the rear of the machine. This configuration allows for free movement of the build plate arm as it traverses vertically along the z-axis. To ensure correct placement of the SuperVAT, please review the “Ball Nose Screw Adjustment” video located on the FSL3D Video Tutorials page.

Next, check to make sure that the SuperVAT is leveled and homed with the print build head. Should you need to relevel the SuperVAT, feel free to view the leveling and homing process video located on the FSL3D Video Tutorials page under “Leveling”.

The final step is to load the resin into the SuperVAT. Make sure not to overfill the SuperVAT with resin since this could possibly lead to spillage and possible machine damage once the print build head is lowered into the SuperVAT. We recommend that you not fill the SuperVat Liner with resin higher than the start of the bottom window when the head is not in the resin. This prevents resin from overflowing when the head is lowered into the SuperVat Liner.

SuperVAT Acrylic Window

If the acrylic window of the SuperVAT becomes worn, feel free to order a replacement by contacting FSL3D Technical Support. Files are also linked below should the customer decide to fabricate a window out of 3mm thick acrylic.

SolidWorks Part
SolidWorks Engineering Drawing
Engineering Drawing PDF
XPS Build File
DXF Build File