Part 3 - Using the RetinaCreate Software to Print

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Add a model

Open RetinaCreate and select Add Model under the Scene menu. Load the model you want to print. RetinaCreate supports .stl and .obj files. The box with grid lines on the bottom in the middle of your screen represents the build platform the printer. RetinaCreate will place the model in the middle of the grid when you add a model. Keep in mind that the build platform is upside down in the printer.


View Control

Zoom In/Out with a Mouse

Roll the mouse wheel up to zoom in and roll down to zoom out.

Change View with a Mouse

To change the view, right click anywhere on the screen and move the mouse around. Move the mouse to the left to rotate clockwise and to the right to rotate counter-clockwise. Drag the mouse down to achieve top view and drag up to achieve the bottom view.


To move the screen view as a whole, press the mouse wheel down and move the mouse around.

Moving and Orienting Models


Moving and Sizing

Click on the model and you will see red, green and black arrows surrounding the model. Red and green arrows are to move the model in the direction where the arrows are pointing. Left click on the arrows and drag to move the model. The black arrow on the top of the model pointing upward is to change size of the model. Left click on the arrow and drag up and down to increase or decrease the dimensions of the model.


The curved bars attached to the arrows are used to change the model’s orientation. Green, red and blue bars represent Y, X and Z axes respectively. Left click and drag the green and red bars vertically to change X and Y orientations of the model. Left click and drag horizontally to change the Z orientation of the model.

Find Optimal Rotation

This option will find what is the optimal rotation of the model for success printing.


Shell Model

Shelling a model is a great way to reduce print time, save resin and give your model inner structural support.


Generate Supports

Supports are important for a successful print, especially for models with overhangs. For now, you only have one model to print. Select Support All under the Scene menu. RetinaCreate will generate supports with a base for your model. The drop-down menu will be covered in depth in Part 6.


Manual Support Modification

Clicking on a support will select it; selected supports are highlighted in red.

  • Press the delete key to manually delete the selected support.
  • Left-click on a support and hold the left mouse button to drag the support.
  • Hold down the CTRL key and click on the model to add supports


RetinaCreate displays the connected printers on the upper left side of your screen. You will see green circles, the word ‘Idle’, and the printer’s IP address when the printer is ready. Click the green circle with a triangle to start printing. RetinaCreate will transfer the model to the printer. The number of slices transferred will be shown on the bottom of your screen. Please do not disconnect the cable or close RetinaCreate before it says ‘All Transferred’.

If you are printing a big model and need more resin while printing, simply click pause button, pour more resin in the tank and restart the printing.


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